New Motorcross Distance Record Set in El Gouna

Egyptian Ali Abdo succeeded on June 29th in setting a new world record for 'Greatest Distance on a Motorcross Bike in 24 Hours'.  This new record was achieved at El Gouna Motorcross track by completing 498 Laps around the track, thus traveling 601 km. 

The Previous record (566 km) was set by Paul Oughton from the U.K. at Rogershill Raceway at Bere Regis, Dorset, UK in September of 2013.

Ali braved this challenge after many months of preparation, doctors orders, and the hot conditions and strong winds on the big day itself. The wind was strong enough to cause the formation of sand hills and the uncovering of pebbles and stones that caused the tyres to be punctured twice, necessitating speedy repairs. However the Honda Tornado 250 cc, 2010 model performed admirably and was well up to the task. 

Ali Abdo is 34 years old and is the founder of the Around Egypt On Motorcycle Association that promotes bike riding. 

Representatives of Guinness World Records were on hand recording and verifying the event. 

The event is recorded by Gouna TV in the clip in our Gouna News Video section. 

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