Shared Office Workspaces Debut in El Gouna

Artist Rendition of G Space

An important milestone in El Gouna's existence has been reached.

As of today, El Gouna has a facility for businesses and entrepreneurs to rent fully functioning workspaces by the month, or the year. The facility, dubbed G Space, had its soft opening April 15th, and is now available to receive prospective clients. 

Located on the grounds of what once was The American University in Cairo opposite Technical University of Berlin campus and beside the new Squash Center, G Space offers residents of El Gouna a marvelous opportunity to combine work with El Gouna's superior quality of life

G Space is what is also commonly known as co-working space: Sharing a work environment but with independent activity. Co-working Space is generally shared by different individuals from different organisations and professions. It is the first such work environment outside of Cairo, and caters to the needs of startups, free lancers, businesses and corporations.

In the already completed Phase I, G Space is offering three completed offices, a workspace comprised of 8 large workstations/hot desks and 18 regular workstations/hot desks. In addition, there are two lazy boy small rooms, bar and beverage area and associated facilities. A conference room is available in the library across the street. A bicycle rental station is available outside the main entrance. 

In Phase II, there will be chilled working areas, a dog friendly area outside, and a fun zone (ping pong, climbing wall,....). A music recording studio will also be added.
In Phase III, 8 more private offices, two small, and one large meeting room with videoconferencing will be added.

Many rental options exist, from pay-as-you-go starting at EGP 100 per day for a shared desk, to EGP 1,500 per month for a hot desk, EGP 2,500 per month for a dedicated desk, EGP 7,000 for a three desk office, and so on.  Many options, add ons and packages are on offer, and it is best to contact G Space for latest prices at 16650 or  

Moreover, contrary to some naysayers, who submit that much of what is being offered can be set up these days in ones own home, we are told that spaces are going quite hurry to rent what G Space is still available. 

Actual GSpace Picture


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